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International Journal of Interdisciplinary Engineering (IJIE)

International Journal of Interdisciplinary Engineering (IJIE) is powered by Inside Journal, is a Leading International Online Journal which deals with both Basic and Advanced Technology across the Industries, Scientific and Educational Institutions etc.,

This is a MONTHLY Publication Journal.

IJIE is intended for SCOPUS, Web of Science and Indian Citation Index, but indexing will take enough time.

IJIE Departments:

» Computer Science and Engineering (CSE)

» Electronics and Communiation Engineering (ECE)

» Electrical and Electronics Engineering (EEE)

» Mechanical Engineering (ME)

» Civil Engineering (CE)

» Information Technology (IT)

» Aerounatical Engineering

» Aerospace Engineering

» Automobile Engineering

» Software Engineering

» Instrumentation Engineering

» Telecommunication Engineering

» Chemical Engineering

» Agricultural Engineering

» Environmental Engineering

» Food Engineering

» Forestry Engineering

» Materials Engineering

» Water Resource Engineering

» Mineral & Metallurgical Engineering

» Naval Architectural Engineering

» Geotechnical Engineering

» Gas Engineering

» Geological Engineering

» Geomatics Engineering

» Mining Engineering

» Oil Engineering

» Petroleum Engineering

» System Engineering

» Marine Engineering

» Ocean Engineering

» Sound Engineering


  • By Prof. B. Sujatha, HOD of CSE, GIET, RJY

    Our sincere thanks for your valuable support in conducting the National Conference on Current Research in Engineering & Technology. We are happy and wishing to continue the association with you in the future course.